I Love Single Screen Theatres

I love single screen theatres. I love them so much that I took my wife to watch jab tak..on diwali night itself, inspite of being seated on two different corners of the theatre. We were separated and surrounded by rows and rows of thugs, so it felt quite safe and all. Now what happened in the movie, I dont know, cos there were whistles and catcalls everytime they showed Katrina Kaifs legs or shah rukh khan winked, and that pretty much ‘was’ the whole movie. The only time that stopped was when someone burst a diwali cracker bomb over the heads of those seated in front. And how exciting was that! whoa! I mean I know there were some children nearby and all but hey, its a single screen theatre, what the hell were they doing there anyway? Another thing I liked? The freedom. People were walking in and out all the time- sometimes it was the cops- where else do you get cops patrolling ‘inside’ a theatre. How safe is that! Then a fight suddenly erupted right before me, with some solid blows being exchanged, and it was so much fun until I saw my wife running across the other aisle thinking ‘I’ was getting beaten up, so I waved out to her frantically to show I was safe. You know it was dark and I dint want her thinking I was waving for help or anything so I had to flash a nice big smile. Now I know you’re thinking that would’ve looked stupid and all in the backdrop of an awesome fight, but it worked cos she went back to her seat. It was all great until one of the blows nearly missed my nose, so after some time we decided it was too much fun for one night and left. So if someone could tell me what happened in that movie and dont you tell me nothing happened cos everybody seemed so excited, you know, I would be obliged and all.

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