All in an Hours Work

That was a disturbing article, on the whole rape episode. I wish I could finish reading it, cant seem to concentrate though, because of that cheque I was just writing out. There, done. Check for mistakes, I’m thinking. But the landline rings. Its about some whatsapp message I’m supposed to have sent to my contact from Bombay. I reach for my work phone. I’m glad I got a cheap smartphone for my work number too, so I can use the app, since everybody seems to want to send something or the other through it, all the time. There is a gmail notification on the other phone, and I get a brief look into the message, that was a bad idea after all- configuring the email id for vendors on my personal phone. Too many messages all the time. I like to be in control of things though, so its ok I tell myself. And I need that stock urgently, so I call someone on the extension and instruct them to reply immediately. Instinctively, I double click on the home button so it takes me to recent apps. I flick one by one- Phone, Contacts, Camera, Evernote,…(aah I forgot to update something there, ill get to it later), facebook…ok so whats new- ‘new stories’ says a floating notification. I click on it compulsively. Shit, I wanted to read that update in front of me. Never mind, I will browse down to it. Updates- somebody’s had an awesome breakfast by the sea, someone’s put up her kids picture, its such a badly taken picture, I hate close ups, oh wait, that’s her second kid- when did that happen? Do I like it? Wait, that can wait, you’ve got stuff to do. Someone wants to know which salon to go to, she’s just back in town. Oh my, I need to organize a meet up. Then suggested apps. Then some boring stuff. Don’t go so fast, that’s a nice article, this friend always shares interesting stuff, I’m about to click on the link, but the work no.’s ringing now. So I answer that. The whatsapp messages keep coming on my other phone. My crossfit gangs organizing a run next sat. 10km. No no, I don’t think I can do that. Oh sorry, I tell the person on the other end. What was that? He was saying something about visting. I tell him call next Thursday. Not because I knew I was free, but I was only buying time. In the meantime, the landline’s ringing with what seems like increasing ferocity. Come on, I’m thinking, if I don’t pick up in 3-4 rings, it means I’m busy right?. Its an extension phone. I know because of the long ring. I don’t pick up. But I cant hear what this guys saying to me. Wait. I ask him to hold and pick up that landline. But the caller’s hung up already. ‘Ok so you were saying?’ I ask. Yes next Thursday, call before you come. I’m thinking about that article again, and its upsetting, but on a subconscious level. Random to-do stuff are floating in my head. Theres a yahoo notification- oh no! Its about that court hearing. Call the lawyer. Wait, I tell myself, check the hearing date before you call him. I wake up my computer that’s gone to sleep. That article lies in front of me. The rape one. What a disturbing incident that was. It goes into detail what happened that night. I shiver thinking of what that couple went through. Wait, read it later, its important and you need to spend time. I switch the safari tab to mail, there are 3 unread mails, two spam. One from yahoo, but you know its spam when it says ‘click here’. Theres a mail from Twitter with updates, but ill get to that later. I hate using the mouse all the time, so I wonder if theres a keyboard shortcut to switch tabs. I open a new tab and google……there’s another call on the mobile from an unkown no. Truecaller wont identify it, cos theres a notification that says my internet connection is off. Bloody docomo, never works. I send out a text message saying ‘PORT #’ to 1900. I’m done with this stupid company. I’m glad I remember the message and phone no. This is stressful. Its only one hour at work. I’m busy, but have achieved nothing. Theres a message from the bank. About the balance in my account or something. Someone’s sent me a joke on whatsapp, with a Rahul Gandhi photo, and theres another mail. Oh the lawyer, I almost forgot……..


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