The Days are Just Packed

I get the feeling I’m losing control over things at home these days. 


Zoha and Alhaan go missing in the park today and we pan out to find them at the other end, so I scream at them saying where’d you guys go, you gotta stay within sight. Alhaan says they were playing with touch-me-nots and Zoha says – ‘It’s a beautiful world daddy’!
Ill-timed profound moment.

The other day after Zoha spent a prolonged period of time before the mirror meticulously applying something on her lips, I say to her
‘What is that junk you’re putting on your lips?’
‘Its lipstick daddy’
‘Zoha, you don’t need that to make you look good, you look so pretty anyway, why do you need to put anything on your lips?’
‘I wanna look like Elsa daddy’
‘Who’s Elsa?’, assuming its some new kid in her class
‘Elsa from Frozen’
‘Oh, that bloody Elsa’, I think to myself.

After a two week hog fest post Bakrid, I say to my wife – “I think that was a carb overload, the last few days, don’t you think?”
‘I don’t know what that means’ I overheard her mumble as she walked away.

We’re at a restaurant, and the kids are done with ransacking the neatly laid out table, while waiters hovered around in anticipation of some imminent catastrophe. Finding nothing else interesting to do, Alhaan, who usually acts as spokesperson for the gang, asks
“Can we go make friends with everybody else?”
NO!! I scream
He looks at his mom and says ‘Daddy’s becoming weird these days’
Weird?! I’m the weird one?!

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